Credit Card Processing

Our partners provide advanced payment solutions that allow them to accept nearly every type of payment that they may encounter – credit and debit cards, mobile wallets and a variety of alternative payments.

For in-store and other card present environments, our partners provide secure countertop and mobile equipment that stands up to the most demanding retail environments. These devices are rugged, lightweight, stylish and easy-to-use. They are all PCI PTS 2.x and 3.x certified. Most also have the ability to accept all form of electronic payment, including MSR, EMV, NFC and contactless (including Mastercard PayPass, Visa PayWave, Discover Zip and Amex ExpressPay).

For eCommerce and other card-not-present payments, our partners have extremely easy to integrate APi’s with robust developer portals and sandbox capabilities. Using a virtual terminal, payments, refunds and voided transactions can be processed in real time or in batches and other advanced technology can be easily integrated. Hosted payment pages and links embedded into electronic invoices can also be provided.

All of our partners have outstanding portals with dashboard applications that allow transactions to be viewed at a glance. All merchant data can be accessed in any location at any time – and securely. Statements can be accessed and graphical capabilities to view data are included.

Mobile Processing

All of our processing partners offer mobile payment solutions that enable convenient and fast payment processing in any location or venue. This includes acceptance of virtually every type of payment technology available – including mobile wallets, tap & pay, and chip & PIN. Connections can be made to smartphones and tablets using audio-jack or Bluetooth technology with encryption technology that ensures secure, reliable operation in any environment.

Global Processing

Unlike many other merchant processing sales organizations, we partner with a large number of ISO’s, processors and supporting banks – so that we can tailor a solution to the exact needs of our co-op’s members. This includes allowing merchants to accept payments across borders with ease. Our processing partner network can provide both card present and card-not-present capabilities with integration to POS systems and shopping carts worldwide, multi-currency acceptance, and localized payments.

Subscription Services / Recurring Payments

All of our processing partners have the ability to efficiently and effectively manage recurring payments, subscription billing and other diverse payment plans. The set-up of timed credit card transactions is fast and easy and multiple concurrent subscriptions can be handled, with a full suite of billing capabilities and database management.

Integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Both Apple Pay and Google Pay transform payments with an easy, secure and private way to check out using a single touch. Payments can be made using an app, mobile device, or browser shopping cart without the need for a credit card. All of our processing partners provide this capability and have developer-friendly API’s that make it very easy to integrate. Both methods have powerful security and privacy features that will protect your business and your customers.

Advanced Payment Technology, Security and Chargeback / Risk Management

We have a variety of tools that make use of new merchant processing technology that provides merchants greater protection, a reduction in declined transactions and unintended subscription cancellations. These advanced services include tokenization, automatic account updating, point-to-point encryption, fraud detection/prevention and chargeback management.

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