What We Do

No two businesses are alike. That’s why we use our Delta Savings System™ to provide a custom assessment of your unique situation. 

As part of our assessment process, we discover which combination of the services we provide will add the most money to your bottom line.

Credit and Debit Card Processing 

We provide traditional credit and debit card processing and service both “card not present” (e-commerce or mail /telephone order) and card present (where customers present their cards for payment at the time of purchase). 

Our partners provide advanced payment solutions that allow them to accept nearly every type of payment that they may encounter: credit and debit cards, mobile wallets and a variety of alternative payments.

We have specific relationships with processors that focus on “high risk” merchant accounts. We’ve negotiated competitive rates for all risk classifications and can often provide a cost savings of at least 40% of controllable card processing costs. 

ACH and eCheck Services

We provide merchants with the ability to work with both ACH payments (direct payment from a bank account) and eChecks (electronic processing of paper checks) at significant savings. ACH (eCheck) payments are withdrawn digitally from a customer’s checking account and transferred over the ACH Network directly to the seller’s bank account.

This can be an ideal solution for large transactions that may not be appropriate for payment by credit card. The advantages of using ACH payments include faster transaction clearing than paper checks, lower fees than credit cards, no transaction limits, and ease of recurring /subscription billing. ACH can be implemented in person, by telephone, or via online.

Online ACH transactions are ideal for electronic bill payments, subscription services, B2B and other eCommerce businesses. 

Discount for Cash Processing / Credit Surcharging

Cash discounts or credit card surcharges aren’t only for gas stations. Credit Surcharging is the practice of adding on a small fee to a transaction to cover the merchant’s cost for credit card transactions. Cash Discounting is a processing system that is designed to have the credit card price be the baseline—with a credit offered to customers paying by cash, check or debit card.

Both ask the consumer to pay for the convenience of using a credit card. These programs are legally compliant according to Visa/Mastercard guidelines. There are specific details associated with each program and we can work with you on specific details associated with each of these programs.

Installment Payment Facilitation / Split Payments

Our processing partners provide a full suite of capabilities to allow marketplaces and platforms to activate payment processing when they add a client to their service. These capabilities are in full compliance with the rules for aggregating payments, have complete data tracking and provide outstanding reporting.

The underwriting process for new platform clients is very efficient, using an API or hosted enrollment application—providing fast underwriting and real time activations. All the advanced payment technology, security and chargeback/risk management for individual accounts is available for payment facilitation.

Accounts Payable Management Program

We empower businesses that already use credit cards to pay their vendors with a single-use virtual card system to increase payment efficiency, security, and revenue from their Accounts Payable (AP) program. This seamless process eliminates the need for paper checks, ACH payments, or wire transfer payments.

Transform your AP department into an engine of change and even a driver of revenue. A healthy AP process relies on an optimized mix of virtual payments, distributed credit cards, ACH transfers and good, old-fashioned checks. Your goal should be to shift your AP department activities from labor-intensive to less manual, automated processes that reduce vendor disruption and increase AP productivity.

Our program, implemented with our partner Kontrol Payables, improves AP efficiency, provides simple and secure payment options, and gives a 1.5% rebate on virtual credit card payments (in addition to the Delta Year-End Co-Op rebate.

Branded Credit Card Program with Complete Loyalty System

We partner with Dynamics Inc, a market leader in branded credit card issuing and processing and a developer of flexible and fully integrated loyalty programs.

These programs are available to larger merchants or group organizations and can be tailored to specific needs. The complete processing and loyalty solutions include proprietary back-end processing that makes a merchant’s custom loyalty program stand out from the competition.

It also includes real-time rewards processing for instant redemption, increased customer engagement through unique rewards programs, and integration with existing systems, requiring no updates on the merchant’s part.

Application Integration

We provide simple, developer-friendly solutions to easily integrate payment processing into your software or application. Our solutions enable SaaS providers and Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) to offer merchant processing to your customers.

They also increase your revenue generating ability through our Cooperative Marketing Partnership (CMP) Program where lucrative commissions can be earned with no time limit or cap. Developer portals and Sandbox accounts can be quickly set up and application templates and expedited approvals/onboarding are available.

Our partners provide a wide range of gateways with easy-to-use APIs that can fully integrate with POS systems, allowing for secure EMV processing and full peer-to-peer encryption for ultimate security. Less fully integrated solutions are also available, requiring less development and faster time to market. These solutions are available for both physical and cloud-based POS systems.

Integration is also easily attainable with a wide range of shopping cart solutions. Our partners have an array of plug-ins for the most popular shopping carts (such as Magento, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, etc.) and provide easy-to-use APIs and documentation for direct integration. Integration through a number of gateways (such as Authorize.net and NMI) can also be an effective and efficient solution.

Payment Gateways

Gateways are an important component in providing merchants with broad access to the applications and services that are available in the marketplace—where plug-ins may not be available and direct integration may be time and cost prohibitive.

We have direct relationships with Authorize.net and NMI—two of the most frequently used gateways in the marketplace—and access to almost any other gateway through our partnership relationships. 

Member Services 

We want to help businesses like yours save money. We’re looking to partner with businesses who want help navigating difficult business challenges and driving profitability.

We realize you’re not simply looking for a decrease in processing costs from a processor that never communicates with you about your business. Our Delta team is composed of experienced pros that want to thoroughly understand the challenges you face—what keeps you up at night—so we can craft the best savings and service solutions. We want to be a trusted business partner to you.

And that’s just a little of what we can do to help you. We do this all day, every day, so let us put our expertise to work for you with our proven process: The Delta Savings System.

We invite you to start the conversation with us today!