Pay your vendors who already accept credit card payments with a single-use virtual card, and drive increased efficiency, security AND revenue from your AP program. 


Transform your Accounts Payable (AP) department into an engine of change and even a driver of revenue. A healthy AP process relies on an optimized mix of virtual payments, distributed credit cards and good, old- fashioned checks. Your goal should be to shift your AP department activities from labor-intensive to less manual, automated processes that reduce vendor disruption and increase AP productivity.


We provide a single-use virtual credit that eliminates the need for traditional paper checks, ACH payments, or wire transfer payments. Working with you and your vendor, we create a seamless process that allows secure, direct payment - and also generates a quarterly rebate for every payment you process this way!

Manual steps are eliminated, vendors get paid securely and you receive a rebate - it’s a Win-Win!


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