This unique approach to providing consumer financing is powered by Splitit™ - which uses patented technology to enable seamless installment payments for businesses of all sizes and type. This solution promotes growth for eCommerce as well as in-store retail and includes e-Wallet capabilities.


Unlike consumer financing solutions, the core of Splitit™ is the ability to optimize a card holder’s unused credit line as security for an installment plan. The merchant does not assume any greater risk than they have with a regular card transaction, and the consumer can easily charge any purchase on their existing credit card and pay it back in monthly interest free installments.

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Splitit™ integrates with all major credit card processors and gateways around the world, and is PCI DSS compliant. Thus, businesses worldwide can offer Splitit™ installment plans to consumers from any country. Capture business regardless of location.

Splitit™ can help your business increase conversion, attain higher average order value, decrease card abandonment, increase total revenues, capture new customers and increase consumer purchasing power.