Ox Bow Decor


Ox Bow Decor provides high-quality, affordable decor items made solely in the United States. Their extensive business includes a variety of design categories such as architecture, floral, and holiday to name a few, available on textiles, serve ware, and more. With an emphasis on environmentally friendly products, Ox Bow Decor works with hundreds of brick-and-mortar retailers, interior designers, specialty groups and associations throughout the United States and Canada.


With credit card transactions comprising over 90 percent of Ox Bow Decor’s annual sales, the company knew there would be fees associated with processing payments. Initially, they chose a ‘one-size fits all’ model with a large processor, primarily due to the relative ease of getting started. 

The expected monthly rate and ongoing membership fees were bitter pills to swallow at first, but what made it particularly frustrating was how confusing and opaque their monthly statements were and how difficult it was to get timely customer support. This added more strain to their bookkeeper’s workload, as end-of-month reconciliations were extremely time-consuming. Despite numerous attempts to contact a processing representative for clarification or assistance, Ox Bow Decor had difficulties receiving a timely response.  Sifting through the layers of fees and payments, the company deduced it was being charged a monthly rate of over 3.2 percent, an enormously high number for credit card processing. 


Delta Payment Solutions did an immediate analysis and developed a business profile on Ox Bow Decor, evaluating their unique business needs to provide them with the most suitable processing agent. Delta’s team works with a variety of partners, narrowing down the best processor by factoring in if the company receives card-present or card-not-present payments, is considered a high or low risk business, and whether they’re domestic or international, to name a few criteria. Understanding the grievances Ox Bow Decor was facing in terms of unruly membership fees, high rates, and unreliable customer service, the dedicated Delta Payment Solutions agent was able to connect them with a processor who fit their desired criteria.

RESULTS In less than a week, Delta Payment Solutions found an alternate processor and was able to grant approval for Ox Bow Decor. The company transitioned from a fixed rate to an interchange-plus rate, saving them a tremendous amount of money in monthly credit card fees. In addition, their new processor does not charge membership fees, and they offer a transparent, easy-to-navigate customer portal that organizes the company’s financial information without the confusion of a complex monthly statement. Since 2018, with the Delta model in place, Ox Bow Decor has saved more than ten thousand dollars in controllable processing fees, not to mention the countless hours the business previously wasted settling end of month reconciliations