Our Competitive Advantage

by Irwin Grossman

When Delta Payments Solutions was founded, there was one particular aspect of the company that was crucial to our startup: developing it into a Co-Op.

Co-operatives, or Co-Ops, aren’t new. There are over 40,000 in the United States alone, including some well-known brands such as Ocean Spray, Nationwide Insurance, Ace Hardware, and even The Associated Press.

The main benefit of joining a Co-Op is that it merely exists for the sole benefit of its members, resulting in financial perks for those who take the time to nurture and cater to it.

Since Co-Ops are designed to meet the demanding needs of their members, the success and power ultimately reside within those managing the organization. Instead of being overly concerned with maximizing revenue, they’re more dialed into client services, the quality of care, and achieving the lowest possible costs for members.

Additionally, managing a Co-Op creates power in numbers—banding together as a bargaining tool, resulting in tremendous savings for your business.

To top it off, Delta Payments Solutions returns 50 percent of the Co-Op earnings BACK to members with a year-end bonus based on the member’s annual credit card sales. As the Co-Op continues to grow through the years, members can even see a return investment of up to 75 percent, an incredible benefit most organizations simply do not offer.

Between the top-tier service, the buying power of a Co-Op, the year-end rebate, and the incredible savings your business will keep in credit card processing fees, you have an unprecedented opportunity to save a lot of money and increase your bottom line.

The next step is easy – talk to one of our savings experts about leveraging the power of our co-op to start saving money for your business today.

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