Our Brand

The Delta brand reflects our mission to change the status quo in the credit card processing industry. 

We are mavericks who believe the entrenched incumbents are charging outrageous fees to small and medium-sized businesses. 

And it’s not right. 

That’s why we disrupt the credit card processing industry, leveraging the bargaining power of our Delta co-op to give your business the advantage.

Our Logo

Our logo is derived from a triangle representative of the three founders. It also alludes to the Greek symbol delta, which means the “change.” 

The flexible shape of the triangle conveys the flexible way we work with our members and partners to tailor savings solutions that fit each unique situation. 

Plus the flexed shape of the triangle implies forward motion as we seek to adapt to the changing marketplace and find the best ways to help your business make more money.  

Our Typography

Our font selection and intentional use of lowercase letters communicates that it’s not about us. We aim to be clear and transparent in all our business activities with a ‘lowercase’ mindset focused on serving our members.

Bottom line: We partner with you to tailor flexible solutions that meet your credit card processing needs—whatever they might be.