Online Document Processor


The premier uncontested divorce service in the United States provides a fast, fully-guided, and affordable process, along with a multitude of ready-to-file documents available online. 

They also provide highly experienced online and telephone-based support throughout the entire process. As a result, over 500,000 people have completed their divorce documents and used their outstanding services.


Unfortunately, they had a problem. Due to the high-level of customer chargebacks (once reaching as high as 10%) their credit card processor was forcing them to establish a sizable reserve account. These fees were costing the company money with every customer!

Unable to see a reasonable solution, they turned to their friends at Delta Payment Solutions.


We were able to work with one of our high-risk processors— who understood the nature of their business and viewed this merchant differently. We helped them secure a very competitive processing rate, with no reserve required.

Part of our solution included establishing a relationship between the merchant and a chargeback management organization to further reduce chargebacks and help manage the process with their customers. Then we alos equipped them with several unsecured financing options for their clients.


The lower processing rates, combined with our Year-End Co-Op Rebate, reduced their controllable credit card processing costs by 36%!

And because we were able to eliminate any reserve requirement, they enjoyed freer cashflow. In addition, the financing program we offered them allowed them to substantially increase their closure rate and double their growth rate.