Merchant Processing Success Story

Online Document Processing


The premier uncontested divorce service in the United States, providing a fully-guided, fast, and affordable process. Ready-to-file documents are available online, using leading-edge technology. Experienced online and telephone-based support is available throughout the entire process. 

Over 500,000 people have completed their divorce documents using this service.


Due to the high level of customer charge backs (which at one point were as high as 10%), this company had to establish a sizeable reserve account and was paying high processing fees.


We were able to work with one of our high-risk processors – who viewed this merchant in a less than high risk manner – to provide them with a very competitive processing rate with no reserve required. Part of this solution included the establishment of a relationship between the merchant and a chargeback management organization to both further reduce chargebacks and help manage the process with their customers.

We were also able to provide this merchant with several unsecured financing options for their clients.


The lower processing rates, combined with the rebate on commissions we earn from their business, has resulted in an 36% reduction in processing costs (not including Interchange) for this merchant.  We were also able to eliminate any reserve requirement. The financing program we will be offering them will allow them to substantially increase their closure rate and double their growth rate.