A cash discount isn’t only for gas stations. This pricing model is giving merchants a reasonable option to avoid payment processing fees. This empowers customers to choose if they want to receive a discount for paying in cash (or by check or ACH) or add a standard adjustment to their credit card payment to cover 100% of fees that would be charged to a merchant for their transaction. And these programs are legally compliant according to Visa/Mastercard cash discount guidelines.


We offer both the TAKECHARGE™ and WAVIT ™ discount for cash programs and can tailor either of them to your requirements. Cash pricing models allow merchants to be more competitive overall and increase profit margins. There will be no more annual rate increases and hidden fees. Over 60% of all credit card transaction in Europe already have adopted this approach and it is growing quickly in the USA.


The standard TAKECHARGE™ or WAVIT ™ Program has a flat rate of $59 per month per MID - for unlimited processing. Process $20,000 or $200,000 in credit card transactions? It’s still only $59 per month!

If you aren’t fully satisfied with the TAKECHARGE™ or WAVIT ™ Program you can switch back to traditional processing at any time at no additional cost.


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