Meridian Media


Meridian Media LLC is a multi-media marketing, radio broadcasting, digital and social media, and events company in Salina, Kansas.  


Thanks to his entrepreneurial nature, company head Christopher Miller likes to dive into old established business arrangements. With Meridian Media’s acquisition and management of six radio stations, the Salina-based business needed to revamp how it processed credit card transactions.

Despite the fact that the acquired radio stations had been on the air for many years, due to their recent change of ownership, Meridian Media was now viewed as a new, high-risk business by their credit card processor. This change in business resulted in increased monthly fees, a lack of transaction fee transparency, and declining support from the credit card processor. Christopher knew he needed to make some drastic changes, as this was not the entrepreneurial payments solution the company was looking for. 


Meridian Media sought out the help of Delta Payment Solutions after being referred by business celebrity Jeffrey Hayzlett, whose own company had saved a significant amount in payment processing fees thanks to Delta’s subject matter expertise in navigating complex and high-risk payments solutions. In just a few weeks, Delta Payment Solution’s CEO, Irwin Grossman, was able to understand the entrepreneurial payments solution Christopher was seeking and successfully worked with underwriters to secure a new payment processing account for Meridian with a processor that better matched their needs and growth strategy. 


Meridian Media had no time to waste once their business was officially up and running at the end of 2019. As the United States was embarking on one of its most prolific elections to date, Christopher and his team needed to accommodate the many political advertising buys that were being placed and the transactions that were to be paid via credit card. Anxious not to get hit with the high processing fees the previous owner was saddled with, Delta Payments Solutions found a processor that fit the specific needs of Meridian Media. The company was initially paying more than 5% in monthly credit card fees, but thanks to the help of Irwin and his team of experts, Meridian Media’s rate decreased to less than 3%, including Delta’s unique rebate bonus. Aside from the cost savings, processing transactions has never been easier for the business. Between the innovative interface and easy to navigate functionality, it’s safe to say Meridian Media will not be changing processors any time soon.