Mark Timm, Serial Entrepreneur

About: Mark Timm is a serial entrepreneur who has led marketing for USA Today, founded a variety of successful companies, and currently serves as the Executive Vice President for Ziglar, Inc., one of the top brands in the motivation and sales marketplace. In addition, Timm serves as a partner and investor at Xponential Inc., a production company that provides media and entertainment businesses with a variety of services to leverage their brands including video production, automation, and more. 

Problem: As an entrepreneur with his hands working many projects at once, Timm has always struggled with the realization that a large chunk of his sales, his hard-earned money, goes to the credit card processors. After reviewing bank statements for each of the corporations he ran, he quickly discovered they all had one thing in common; high processing fees. Knowing how difficult contacting and communicating with the processors are, Timm made a few calls and was finally referred by a friend to Delta Payment Solutions with the understanding that they could work with him directly to find each of his businesses the most suitable and least expensive processor. 

Solution: After connecting with Mark Timm, Delta’s team quickly conducted an in-depth business analysis for Xponential Inc. and found that the company was being charged over 3 percent in credit card processing fees, an astronomically high amount. From there, Delta’s financial experts put together a profile and shared the information with a variety of processing partners, vetting the ones that stood out the most to help Xponential save money. As with any type of business, there are a few outstanding factors that are considered when pairing companies with the right processor; high-risk behaviors, doubling monthly profit or transactions, or even reoccurring payments can pose an issue if not voiced immediately. Delta takes the time to review each and every behavior so there are no extra hidden fees, reviews, or frozen accounts at the hands of the credit card processor.

Results: After paying over 3 percent in monthly credit card processing fees, Delta Payment Solutions was able to reduce Xponential’s processing fees by 50 percent*, saving the company a remarkable amount of money. Timm was incredibly impressed with how consumer-facing Delta’s leadership team was. He noticed how willing they were to understand his business to find the best processor possible. As someone who has tried to tackle the unruly high fees himself, Timm comprehends this is no easy feat and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Delta was able to find his business a solution and help save him money. 

*Not including Interchange rates