Merchant Processing Success Story

Interactive e-Learning Developer


This full-service training solutions provider specializes in developing interactive eLearning solutions. They do this by specializing in client engagement. They are the only training partner that uses strategic engagement methodologies for organizations with distributed workforces to maximize training effectiveness in an era when talent development is essential in driving sustainable business results.


Their credit card processor, without any warning, withheld the processing of a $50,000 customer charge. The processor’s argument was that the charge was larger than normally seen, even though charges of this size had been processed in the past.

The processor was then given the customer’s signed purchase authorization, validating the charge was real, but even with all the information the processor requested, it still took over a month before the charge was funded. This created a major customer problem, in addition to not having access to the funds. The time and effort taken to resolve the problem and gain access to the funds was very frustrating for this company.


We aligned this company with a processor that took the time to understand their business model and the wide range of invoice amounts that were common. We also analyzed their entire credit card processing and customer financing history and were able to suggest changes that would lower processing rates increase sales closure rates.


Since switching processors, this company has not experienced any withheld charges, despite having some charges that exceeded historic levels. Lower rates we were able to provide, combined with our 50% rebate on commissions we earn from their business, has resulted in a substantial reduction in processing costs (not including Interchange). The financing program we have offered them will allow them to increase their closure rate and company growth.