Merchant Processing Success Story

Home Decor Manufacturer


This design and manufacturing company has developed over 500 vintage designs that they produce on pillows, porcelain, kitchen linens, canvas totes and paper placemats. They sell their products to brick-and-mortar stores, printed catalogs and interior designers across the USA. They also work with retailers and end-customers to develop custom designs and products. Everything is produced in the USA.


While this company has a large web site, they do not sell from it and only process credit card sales through a virtual terminal. They established their processor relationship when the company was founded and had limited options on who would accept them. Now in their tenth year and still with the same processor, they were being charged very high processing rates (over 3.5%) and had significant monthly fees added on. In addition to these high fees, they were experiencing long wait times for customer support and could not easily understand their monthly statements and online information.


Within a matter of days, we were able to have this company approved for processing by one of our partners that gave them substantially lower rates, minimal monthly fees, fast access to customer and technical support and a customer portal that provided easy to understand information on their transactions and fees. As they added participation in holiday bazaars to their sales approach, this processor was able to easily set them up for card present transactions using their cell phones.


This company has gained total transparency to their credit card processing account and has substantially reduced the amount of time spent on end-of-month reconciliation. They are thrilled with the support they are getting, including being able to support card present transactions, and have reduced their processing fees by over 50% (not including Interchange) based on the lower rates and Delta rebate.