Merchant Processing Success Story

Digital Publishing Services


This digital publishing company creates the ultimate solutions for advancing research and science education by creating and publishing videos of scientific experiments from the top laboratories around the globe. By allowing scientists, educators and students to see the intricate details of cutting-edge experiments rather than read them in text articles, they increase STEM research productivity and student learning, saving their client institutions time and money.

Thousands of leading universities, colleges, hospitals and biotech companies depend on this digital publisher to maximize productivity, efficiency and successful outcomes.


Due to the 100% card not present (E-Commerce) format of their transactions and the large average order value ($2,000-$4,200), this company was placed in a high-risk category and charged excessively high processing rates by a large processor. They were also not being offered a secured, third-party funding plan for their clients, requiring them to self-fund their financing program.


We were able to work with one of our high-risk processing partners – who viewed this merchant in a less than high risk manner – to provide them with a very competitive processing rate . We were also able to offer them several cost-effective, unsecured financing options for their clients.


The lower rates, combined with our 50% rebate on commissions we earn from their business, has resulted in an 84% reduction in processing costs (not including Interchange). The financing program we have offered them, will allow them to increase their closure rate substantially and double their growth rate.