The C-Suite Network


The C-Suite Network is home to the world’s most elite network of C-Suite leaders. Founded in 2013, the C-Suite Network promotes the professional success of its members through conferences, TV, radio, book clubs, sponsorships, and more, all designed to optimize the member’s business and brand in attaining operational excellence.

Founded and headed by global business celebrity, Jeffrey Hayzlett, the C-Suite Network caters to business executives with titles of Vice President and above, from companies with annual revenue of five million or more. 


While they had a sound e-commerce strategy, like many businesses, lack of transparency and overly complicated statements were resulting in excessive credit card processing fees. The ‘one-size fits all’ processing model offered little to no control over their rates, fielded their inquiries with impersonal automated email responses, with no representative dedicated to serving their particular business needs.

As of June 2019, they were paying 4.3 percent in processing fees alone on an average monthly basis. They began seeking other options, as there had to be a better way to allocate the thousands of dollars currently funding credit card processors.


Delta Payment Solutions worked with the C-Suite Network to quickly gather the relevant information to conduct an individual business assessment. Within days, the C-Suite Network’s business profile was developed and several of Delta’s processing partners were identified as potential solutions.

Typically, there are various factors that determine which partners are best suited for particular businesses, such as recurring payments, high-risk behaviors, or even certain business models that can be cause for concern. As they did with the C-Suite Network, the Delta Payments Solutions team took the time to consider these elements in vetting the best-suited partner. 

Once the intricate details were well understood, the Delta team selected the partner with the best combination of financial, technological, and customer support capabilities to meet the needs of the C-Suite Network. Delta Payment Solutions serves as a translator between the two, working with the underwriters to ensure the right data is collected and formatted correctly, with the appropriate verbiage and layout to avoid any mistakes or potential processing account declines.

In addition, Delta continues to nurture the relationship between the client and the selected processor, working to avoid any potential miscommunications that may lead to a frozen account, including average order value, amount of processing increases, or if the high-ticket amount exceeds approval.

These situations alone can heighten the sensitivity of a processor and call in for a business review. Delta’s team ensures these instances do not occur, getting in front of any issues before they arise by opening the doors of communication and mandating regular business reviews of their client’s revenue and workflow.

The Delta Payments Solutions team secured the best financial, technological, and customer support combination for the C-Suite Network. Working with Delta resulted in a significant decline in their credit card processing fees, dropping from 4.3 percent, to 2.7 percent.

Over the past 12 months, the C-Suite Network saved 1.6 percent per month in credit card processing fees, saving thousands of dollars from what they were initially being charged. In addition to these savings, the C-Suite Network receives an annual Co-Op rebate based upon the total amount of transactions processed throughout the year. 

The C-Suite Network has also become a Cooperative Marketing Partner (CMP) of Delta Payment Solutions. This enables the C-Suite Network to benefit by receiving a stream of commissions due to the referrals they provide.