Merchant Processing Success Story

Cooperative of eCommerce Sellers


This organization was created to unite the power of individual Internet Sellers so that each member can accomplish more. The mission of this cooperative is to empower each member company by bringing resources, knowledge, and suppliers of all kinds together in the marketplace. By doing this, members achieve faster growth, with higher systemization and scale, combined with stability with a long-term sustainable business that builds equity for the business owner(s).


We were referred to this cooperative as it was just starting out. It had a limited set of members, a new web site, no credit card processing capability (to collect membership dues and for other transactions) and did not have a merchant processing solution for its members. New members were being added at strong pace so a solution to these challenges was needed quickly.


We were quickly able to secure a low cost/high customer service credit card processing account for this cooperative – but encountered another problem. Their proprietary POS system and shopping cart did not communicate with any gateway and needed to be upgraded before online transactions could be performed.  In the interim, we provided them with virtual terminal capabilities through Authorize.Net. To serve their members, we became an authorized vendor of their cooperative and made them one of our Chanel Partners, giving them a lucrative commission stream for each of their members that purchased services from us.


They were able to begin processing credit card transactions immediately and transitioned to full online transaction processing when their POS system was upgraded. They also started earning commissions as their members have joined Delta and started using our credit card processing and customer financing solutions.