Co-Op Power

If your business accepts credit cards, you’re probably paying too much to process them. But unless you’re processing hundreds of millions in sales, you don’t have much bargaining power. 

That’s why we created and manage the Delta Payment Cooperative so your business can leverage the bargaining power of our non-profit cooperative—and save a lot of money on credit card processing. 

Co-operatives, or co-ops, aren’t new. There are over 40,000 in the United States alone, including some well-known brands. 1 out of every 3 Americans are already members of co-ops and even more use their products and services.

But you may not be familiar with how a co-op can save your business money on credit card processing and ensure you get exceptional customer support.

How Our Co-Op Empowers Your Business

First, cooperatives exist for the benefit of their members to meet their shared needs. So Co-Ops are owned and controlled by their members.

As a result, instead of being concerned with maximizing profits, they’re completely focused on service, quality, and achieving the lowest possible costs for members.

Second, a Co-op lets you take advantage of the strength in numbers.

As a single business, you don’t have much leverage with the large credit-card processors. However, when businesses like yours come together, your bargaining power and savings increase. 

We leverage that group-buying power on your behalf to get you the best deals on processing rates and other merchant financial services. And that means more cash stays in your business! 

Our Year-End Co-Op Bonus

On top of it all, we return 50% of our co-op revenue back to member businesses with a Year-End Co-Op Bonus, a rebate based on a member’s annual credit card sales. And as the co-op grows, that bonus will grow incrementally to as much as 75%! 

Put it all together—superior service, the buying power of the co-op, the Year-End Co-Op Bonus—and your business has an unprecedented opportunity to save a lot of money and increase your bottom line.

We invite you to talk to one of our savings experts about leveraging the power of our co-op to start saving money for your business today. 

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